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Health Minor


The health minor is designed for students who want to develop knowledge in health-related topics and engage in courses which complement or enhance the myriad of degree programs available at Texas A&M University. The majority of the courses for this minor are available online. Two courses in the health minor meet the International and Cultural Diversity requirements for core curriculum and one course meets the Cultural Discourse requirement.

Health Minor Requirements:

18 hours to complete minor

All courses must be passed with a “C” or better

  • HLTH 210  – Introduction to the Discipline
  • HLTH 236 *^ – Introduction to Health Disparities & Diversity
  • HLTH 231 ^ – Healthy Lifestyles
  • 9 hours of Health electives from below:
    • HLTH 331 – Community Health
    • HLTH 333 ^ – Spirituality and Health
    • HLTH 334 *^ – Women’s Health
    • HLTH 342 +^ – Human Sexuality
    • HLTH 403 – Consumer Health
    • HLTH 405 – Rural Health
    • HLTH 407/PHLT 307 – Global Health
    • HLTH 429 – Environmental Health/PHLT 330 - The Environment and Public Health 

*  Courses meet International and Cultural Diversity Core Curriculum
+  Course meets Cultural Discourse Core Curriculum
^  Available online

In order to declare the Health Minor, students need to:

  • Have a minimum Texas A&M GPA of 2.0
  • Have completed a minimum of 12 graded hours at Texas A&M
  • The minor must be declared before the student has completed 90 credit hours
  • Applicants are reviewed by a committee following posting of grades and admitted on a competitive basis
  • Complete the Health Minor request form

Please allow two weeks for processing.

Dana Hernandez
Operations Manager
Reynolds 147