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Doctoral Degrees

PhD in Health Education

The PhD in Health Education prepares students to conduct research in basic and applied health education.

All students are expected to work closely with faculty in research and service projects to become skilled, independent and ethical researchers and to publish in health education journals.

A transdisciplinary approach is used to produce researchers and academicians who are trained to understand how one’s health and wellness is both positively and negatively influenced by one’s total environment from factors ranging from micro (interpersonal relationships, families) to macro (cultural, environmental, policies, infrastructure). The goal is to train professionals who understand and consider the interaction between the individual, their respective state, and their social, structural and political environment.

Doctor of Public Health (DrPH)

The Doctor of Public Health (DrPH) with a concentration in Health Promotion and Community Health Sciences is an advanced professional degree for those whose career goals are in the area of professional practice in public health, including current and potential leaders in public health practice. The DrPH prepares candidates for a career in high-level administration, teaching, or practice, where advance analytical and conceptual capabilities are requisite. This program is designed for the research-grounded practitioner; a graduate may be expected to fill instructional, supervisory, and administrative positions in which educational services are to be rendered.