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Occupational Health Minor


Public Health Minor Requirements:

15 hours to complete minor

All courses must be passed with a “C” or better

The following 12 hours of course work are required:

  • PHLT 331 – Occupational Health & Safety I
  • PHLT 333 – Accident Investigation
  • PHLT 432 – Human Factors and Ergonomic Health & Safety
  • PHLT 434 – Project Cost Benefit and Economics

Select 3 hours from the following course work:

  • PHLT 305 – Epidemiology in Public Health
  • PHLT 330 – The Environment and Public Health

In order to declare the Occupational Health Minor, students need to:

  • Have a minimum Texas A&M GPA of 2.0
  • Have completed one semester at Texas A&M
  • The minor must be declared before the student has completed 90 credit hours
  • Complete the Occupational Health Minor request form

Please allow two weeks for processing.

Dana Hernandez
Operations Manager
Reynolds 147